• In-Person or Telehealth Appointments

    DocNow is a mobile booking platform to help you easily schedule in-person or Telehealth appointments with preferred doctors, psychologists, dentists and veterinarians in your area.

     How Does It Work?

Set up your account in minutes through the DocNow App and immediately search for specialists in your area. 

Appointments can be in-person or Telehealth and all information seamlessly integrates with your doctor’s medical records where relevant for consistent and quality care. 

Is DocNow Free For Patients?

Yes, the DocNow App is free for patients to downloads and search for practitioners of all kinds - whether physicians, specialists, dentists, psychologists or even veterinarians.

Why Does DocNow Matter?

Telemedicine is no longer optional; it’s here to stay. With DocNow, you can trust that our HD+ technology is HIPAA-Compliant and delivers the best video quality available today.

Whether you want an in-person or Telehealth appointment, we cover all of your healthcare needs by giving you access to physicians, specialists, dentists, psychologists and even veterinarians.

Our WaitList feature means you are instantly alerted to cancelled appointments in real-time. This lets you easily move your appointment up so you can seen the practitioner sooner.

For more information, visit our Patient Frequently Asked Questions