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How It Works

DocNow's search engine marketing and Telehealth features generate revenue and increase patient satisfaction.

How we help practitioners with practice growth

  • Built-in search engine optimization
  • Secure Telehealth to expands your footprint
  • Proactive social media marketing
  • Verified patient reviews 
  • One-click availability manages appointments
  • Wait-List fills open slots in real-time
  • Doctor Dashboard performance data
  • Patient insight to improve interactions
  • Service both in-network and out of network patients
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What Does DocNow Do?

Free Listings and Appointment Booking

All healthcare providers can list their practices and book in-person appointments for free

Search Engine Ranking and Reviews

Our Premium Membership improves your online visibility through built-in search engine optimization, social media marketing, reputation protection and patient reviews.

One-Click Slot Availability

Our Premium Membership fully integrates with your existing EHR/EMR, giving you control to manage and fill open slots quickly and easily, whether in-person or through Telehealth.

     Improved Patient Interactions

Our Premium Membership delivers data-rich dashboards and patient insights help you improve interactions and grow your practice while saving time and money.

Try for 30 days!

Try For 30 Days!

Healthcare providers can list their practices online for free & book in-person appointments.
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Premium Membership & Marketing

For just $250 a year, healthcare providers can promote their practice, book Telehealth appointments and instantly backfill cancellations.

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How Is DocNow Different?

No Booking Fees

Unlike other platforms that charge practitioners for each booking, DocNow is free to list your practice and book in-person appointments. They’re your patients, why should you have to pay for them?

Patient Retention

Patients can select the Wait List feature which automatically books them into open slots as they occur, improving your patients’ experience and minimizing cancellations.

Resources to Grow Your Practice

We promote your practice through search engine optimization, social media marketing. And reputation protection. We also help expand your patient footprint through Tele-health features  and deliver dashboards to demonstrate your practice’s performance to as part of our Premium Membership.

See How We Help Patients
See How We Help Practitioners


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Create Profile

Practitioners create a profile on DocNowOnline detailing their specialities, location, in-network providers and availability for in-person appointments. 

Subscribed Members

DocNow's SEO marketing promotes subscribed members' practices to patients seeking your services, through major search engines.

Targeted Search

Patients search for practitioners by name, location, availability, appointment type, in-or-out-of network or by their symptoms and instantly book appointments online or in-app.