• Attract new patients

    Deliver great patient experience & quality care

    Upgrade your patients experience and meet their demands with DocNow Telehealth. As easy as receiving a facetime call on their app, 100% HIPAA-Compliant & Secure.

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DocNow Premium Benefits

Together with our scheduling automation solutionDocNow Premium makes it simple for you to deal with practice Telehealth complexities right from the cloud. We've done all the work to get rid of your manual tasks, so that you can spend more time on growing your practice.

One centralized dashboard

Smooth out and deal with the entirety of Telehealth from one focal spot as opposed to sign in to different systems and asking your patients to signup and download new software.

Transition to virtual care

We'll provide you the technology you need to get started with Telehealth virtual consultation quickly. Our tool is specifically made for practitioners, administrative staff and patients.

Differentiation factors

Practitioners require a dependable and advantageous approach to convey quality health care. With DocNow Premium, you can offer your patients the equivalent of an in-person experience from the palm of their hand, you can do that because our offering comes with:

HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth

Patient/Doctor Chat

1 Click Virtual Consultations

2-way HD+ Video call

Payment Collection for Non-insured

HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth

50 Projects

12 Years Experience

11 Awards